Augmented World Expo 2017

Augmented World Expo 2017 was an amazing learning experience with some exciting talks on what the various realities (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, X-Reality) hold in store for the generations to come. My experience at Augmented World Expo started with a long registration line that snaked its way inside and then outside the building making me think of a time when this would be a thing of the past and Augmented Reality will most likely have a lot to contribute to it.

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I was very interested in the WORK track where there were some very interesting topics on AR / VR in the workplace. Starting with a good insight into the status of Augmented Reality in the enterprise ecosystem and how this can be improved by the executive director of AREA. Juergen Lumera gave us a great insight into how Bosch is taking up single pain points and improving the entire process to provide a great customer experience.

My CEO Vivek Aiyer of Appearition gave a very energetic talk on Designer Enterprises and how our real world experiences can provide insights into how we should work together, collaborate and look at Augmented Reality as a technology but how it can solve problems to enable others success.

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The day was well spent learning from the experiences of Sam George from Cisco on Augmented Reality in Hardware Product Documentation, Ken Fast on the learnings from wiring during shipbuilding, Paul Davies on the practical uses of Augmented Reality in Boeing and many more some of my key observations and takeaways were

  • AR / VR / MR from a technology perspective has improved immensely over the last year
  • A step by step approach to use existing content and slowly create change rather than the big bang approach will go a long way to improve usage
  • The devices we use to bring the benefits and seamlessly integrate its usefulness into our lives is still at its infancy.
  • An end to end seamless solution is what is lacking and can be brought together by collaboration across solution providers, partners, vendors, customers and end users.
  • Sustaining and being end user empathy focused will get you to the rainbow at the end of the storm.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.19.00 amAn inspiring talk and challenge by Nick Vujicic Attitude is Altitude: Challenging the VR/AR Community to Help Transform Lives is a must watch. I got introduced to AR / VR during the last Augmented World Expo 2016 conference and it has been an amazing journey seeing and understanding the strides and the potential of Augmented Reality over the last year.

The change and the positive impact this can have on our lives is truly amazing. I see this going from a buzzword to being a need where people do not see it as a technology but are using it as part of their day to day activities. The evolution of search is moving towards an era where the real world location, visual, audio and surrounding conditions can be used to meaningfully provide information where, when, how and to whom it is required further levelling the information playing field which was revolutionised by Google Search in 1999.

With that I will leave you with a few memories from the AR / VR playground which had some cool experiences from the future of art, gaming, relaxation and meditation followed by a few memories from the expo.

By Prashanth Jeevan

Customer Experience Management is About Building Relationships

In its most apt definition, “experience” is about the process of living through an event. Customer Experience Management is a much touted word which spells variations ranging from “excite the customer” to “retain the customer”. Between this continuum, is a process, a set of events that a customer goes through which defines his or her “experience” is.

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Customer Experience Management is the close alignment of  processes which ensures sales and marketing teams support their rhetorics and deliver organisational results. A customer experience builds from the first cold-call or meeting and lasts for infinitum. Here is where relationships become the core of the experience. Relationships build trust and provide customers with confidence.

So, it’s not always about the product or service? The simple answer is No. While a company will be cooking up cool products and services with a “wow factor”, conversation of a wow to a purchase order is a completely different challenge. I have seen umpteen companies selling average looking mediocre products, but have been crafted by listening intently to customers over a period of time. In almost all instances, the customer bought the “experience” and not the product.

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I have also heard success stories from my peers and ex-colleagues on how they have pursued building stronger relationships with customers who did not buy their products than the ones who actually did, to succeed in the long run.

Customers are humans and like having trusted individuals around them.  Organisations need to build the “wows” in their relationships, engagements and customer experience management models to succeed in todays world. Products and services will come and go. What will stay ad infinitum will be relationships.


Girish Gopalakrishnan heads Delivery for Appeariton Pty limited. He can be reached on

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