Deakin University Open Day

Deakin University is a leading Australian educational institute having won the prestigious Australian University of the Year for “Outstanding Technology in Education”. For its 2104 Open Day, there was a desire to highlight the university as an advanced technological educational institute. The Concept was to create something that will capture prospective students’ imagination and demonstrate the technology capabilities of the University. The idea was to introduce Augmented Reality to the new prospective students and demonstrate what can be achieved with Augmented Reality technology in the classroom of the future.

To address the solution, Deakin University in collaboration with Appearition created the Deakin University Open Day 2014 AR App to showcase the university’s capabilities to local and International students in a fun and innovative way.
The App provided an interactive explore function, highlighting ‘points of interests’ around the university campus. Users were able to scan brochures, posters and post cards to receive video downloads on courses and services offered by Deakin. An interactive 3D animation designed by the Deakin Motion Labs team demonstrated the novel and creative ideas of the university. The Deakin Architecture team developed sophisticated interactive 3D models to capture the imagination of prospective architects. All features and functions on the app were provided with multi-lingual support to highlight Deakin’s International reputation.
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