Emergence, premiered 2013, by John McCormick, Steph Hutchison and an emerging performing agent, is a duet performed between a human dancer and an artificially intelligent performing agent.

The agent has learnt to dance through a rehearsal process with the dancer, sharing the dancer’s movement and
style. Emergence sees the dancer and agent co-creating an interactive semi – improvised dance performance. Visualisations of their relationship are projected in glorious Stereoscopic 3D. The neural network-based agent uses a motion capture system as its sensory input for understanding the dancer’s movement. In the second part of the performance, Steph uses the knowledge gained from performing with the digital performer to create an intriguingly new dance vocabulary through her process of ex-quiry. Emergence is the result of John and Steph’s collaborations with Motion.Lab and the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research at Deakin University. The artists dreamed of a performance environment that could learn to understand the dancer and collaborate in the creative process of performance making. Emergence is the result.

Audience members were provided a postcard which enabled them to relive the experience at home and share with friends using an AR app developed on the Appearition Platform

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