Immersive Technology Platform

BVRIK is an immersive technology platform enabling Property Developers & Agents to provide their clients with powerful state of the art visualisation of properties and virtual walkthroughs in order to improve the customer buying experience.

How it works

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User Cases

  • Insert following copy “Augmented reality provides marketers and advertisers the ability to use an app to scan an advertisement or article in print. This will allow videos, audios, animated avatars or links to further information.
  • This would allow for increased engagements, direct sales, and enhance user experience. The level of interaction is favourable for the adoption of Augmented Reality solutions within the publishing, advertising and print sectors.
  • Customers can try on products using an interactive screen by selecting multiple items in different styles or colours.
  • Use virtual floor plans to help customers navigate the store and find the products they want.
  • Provide detailed product information to publicise corporate social responsibility (CSR) stance of a brand.

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